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Slagwerk Atelier

Slagwerk Atelier was established in 2018 due to the demand for high-quality handmade whips. Our products are made from stainless steel combined with the highest quality Italian leathers & industrial rubber available on the market. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and happy customers. Our spanking gear is valued globally by many enthusiasts in the kink and BDSM scene, both private and professional. Our equipment is featured by many professional dominatrixes and in publications. Retailers can contact us by email or phone for information about retailing our gear in shops, online or at events. Slagwerk Atelier Quality Whips is a worldwide acknowledged & protected brand.

Slagwerk Atelier
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Slagwerk Atelier

Head Quarters

Slagwerk Atelier is based in Holland & was established in 2018 because of the shortness of high quality bdsm gear on the market.
Slagwerk Atelier manufactures handmade high end gear that we sell worldwide to retailers, movie companies, photographers & our private customers.

Where Magic Happens


In our modern workshop we manufacture bdsm products from scratch to high quality bdsm gear made from stainless steel & precious metals.
Slagwerk Atelier is a worldwide acknowledged & protected brand.

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Our branding opportunities are endless and gives you the opportunitie to sell our goods with your name & logo on it.
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